Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our Little Girl Turned One!

Eden's birthday was the day we left for Guatemala City (March 13th). This was Eden the morning of her birthday:
It was a long day on the road. Once we made it to the capital we stopped at a mall with a large play space and a Dunkin' Donuts. At least she got a sprinkle donut on her day! 
I can't believe that we have already enjoyed this little girl for an entire year! Her big personality is coming out now that she's a whole year old! 

She recently learned how to use her index finger to point at exactly what she wants, and she is very opinionated, I love it! She mainly points at food and is very vocal about how much she wants it.
The girl begs like a Beagle! She saw an orange (her favorite food) the other day and let out a yelp so loud it set off my parents' house alarm.
Here, she caught Daddy eating strawberries without her while he was driving the potty bus, and you know she got some! I can't think of anything that she has eaten that she hasn't liked and she has tried everything we have eaten lately. She is a really big meat eater, she eats more meat than our boys. 
She adores Jonah and Silas and wants to try and do anything they are doing of course! 
She doesn't cry about how rough they are either. 
They love her just as much as she loves them! I think she is a prefect blend of them both. She's kind of particular like Jonah, but has Silas' sense of humor for sure!
She is also pretty fearless. I guess she has to be tumbling around with her brothers. 
The other night after arriving at our hotel, she fell asleep right in the middle of them wrestling. 
She so crazy, she likes to hand us Jonah's Hulk mask so we'll scare her with it. She'll jump back and then laugh and get us to do it again. Then she'll put it in front of her face and growl to scare us. She has an adventurous spirit. Here, she had gotten stuck in the cab of the potty bus after exploring.
The one thing she is completely terrified of is the Chic-fil-a cows! She hates those things. The cow we saw was a girl cow too, with a big bow on her head. Eden yelled at me to get her away from that thing and was trembling. So Hulk masks are cool, but giant cows are out!

I wasn't sure what our little girl would be like, but even amongst all of her brothers' trucks, guns, and swords she is turning out to be kind of a girly girl!
When she was helping me pack for the States, all my clothes were strewn all over my closet floor. She kept picking up the pink things to try and put over her head! Her favorite pair of shoes are her pink ones shown above, so I'm guessing she likes pink. 
She likes wearing this hat too!
She loves putting on my jewelry. 
We stopped to stretch our legs on a long road trip the other day and I didn't think I was going to get her out of this store! She loved all the beads and sparkly things. 

She loves playing in my makeup drawer, especially with the brushes.
She likes to brush her own hair and enjoys all of her bows.
 If she takes them out to play with, then she'll try to put them back in her own hair. 
{Her bow travel bag}
She loves looking at herself in the mirror. This morning she was playing in her suitcase and found her sunglasses, so she immediately walked over to the mirror to see how cute she looked!
She has just started being interested in dolls. She can say "baby" and then will hug and kiss them. She likes to sleep with her Raggedy Ann doll that my grandmother bought her before she was born. 
She loves bath time!
{Getting a bath in a hotel sink!}
She has this little scowl that she does when she's thinking... or when someone is taking her picture, haha! 
She also still has that wild leg thing like Jonah. 
{Napping on the potty bus}
Since she has been weaned, she has become a serious Daddy's girl!
Together these two are pretty irresistible!

Once we got to Jacksonville we celebrated her birthday with Papa, Kiki, & Becca!
And I made her a girly pink cake!
 Eden loved all the attention...
and she really wanted that cake!
Eden had a blast opening her presents! She liked us all watching her... funny girl!
 Her reactions were fun to watch!
Her brothers liked playing with some of her presents too!
She got a doll, cookie baking play set, jewelry, sparkly shoes, a sparkly bag, some girly stuff like a pink hairbrush and mirror, and a new ride. 
Can you tell she likes her new wheels?!
Here is a little clip from our day:
We are so thankful that God chose to bless our family with this precious little girl!
None of us will ever be the same!

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