Saturday, June 15, 2013

More Student Houses At the Institute

Now that our house is livable Jimmy asked Lico (who built our house) to head up the construction at the institute while we save up again to work on something else at our house. Some skilled Kekchi workers from another part of Petén had been working there before we left for the States, but it is cheaper to hire Lico since he is close enough to home where we don't have to pay to feed him, so this works out well.

Please pray we find some good hard workers to help him. Some of the guys there this past week Jimmy let go because they were wasting time. Lico has been using wood from the land to set up the frame for more students houses. 
 We have a work team coming on Thursday to nail up the walls. We think they will be able to finish 3+ houses! Marcos, a Kekchi man from our church, is also prepping the roofs. There are 15 men committed to coming from one of the Kekchi churches to put on the thatched roofs. 
We will have 14 student houses left to finish before the end of the year! 2 of those are already paid for. Please keep praying for the institute! Thank you!

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