Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Special Services on Sunday

Sunday morning the team came over to our home for a cook-out and a service in English. It is wonderful to be able to fellowship with the team in our home. They all fit into our great room and with the breeze coming in through our big windows it was really comfortable. I am very thankful for our new home!
{You can see Kelsie with Eden in this photo! Eden loves her!}
That evening we had a wonderful service at our church in San Pancho as well!
The team sang several songs in English and then we all learned one of them in Spanish! It was "One Thing Remains." 

There were several people standing outside and listening through the windows. We had 3 more families that wanted to come from SR, but didn't fit on the microbus... pretty good problem to have! We are going to start sending a school bus.
Then the team shared some testimonies. 
I think at least five of the guys shared their salvation testimony and why they wanted to come on this trip. About 50% of the people there that night weren't Christians. I think it is WONDERFUL that they got to here how other people came to know the Lord and how He is at work in their lives. 
I am praying that God would use these testimonies in the hearts of our church people. 
Adam played Amazing Grace on his trumpet. It was beautiful! I think it was a really special night for the families that came! Pastor Rob preached after that. I didn't get any photos since I was in with the kids, but the message he chose was perfect timing for some of the issues are church is facing right now! 
The 3 ladies on the team helped me in the kids time. We had fun too, learning about how Jesus fed the 5,000 with the boy's lunch. 

We are so thankful for Crossroads Baptist Church and for their support of our work in Petén! They have been a big encouragement to us this week!

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