Monday, October 14, 2013

Heard Around the House #9

The boys are turning 4 in a couple days, so there is a lot of "I'm a big boy" talk going on right now.
Jonah - (very excitedly) "Mama, when I'm a big boy I'm going to be able to open up the other refrigerator (freezer) and get my own blues (popsicles) out and cut them all by myself!
(That one made me a little sad.)
Jonah was very concerned one day when the potty wasn't working in his "NEW" house and he was telling Daddy about it.
Daddy - "Well that's an American Standard toilet from Novex!"
Jonah - "Yeah, well..."
(Nice to know what I sound like.)
{Our little pretend gas pump}
Mommy - "Come over here so I can help you get dressed."
Silas - "No, Mama, no dress... pants!"

After picking his nose Silas walks over to me with his finger up in the air.
Silas - "Look, Mama, a booger... oh, never mind, it's oatmeal."
All our kids had a stomach virus. I had been teaching them that it is best to try and vomit in the grass or potty. Silas has gotten really good at it. I had been praising him calling him a "big boy" for realizing when he feels sick and making it to the potty. After lunch the other day Silas runs to the bathroom and is violently going at it for a while. Jonah (my iron stomach boy) stands right next to him cheering him on the entire time, "Good job, Silas! Yay! Great job vomiting in the potty!"

We were playing an Amor of God board game and one of the cards said that Silas lost his Sword of the Spirit because instead of studying his memory verse he chose to watch tv. Jonah and I were teasing him and Silas giggles and says, "Yeah, I was watching Fox News!"
{Our little Armor of God man}
When Silas woke up from his nap today I was making his Hulk cake and we were talking about what he thought about it.
Silas - "I think my tummy is telling me that we should eat that cake!"
{Eden went and got her own helmet and sword!}
After our Saturday movie nights there is always popcorn all in the shaggy rug.
Mommy - "Both of you pick up 3 pieces of popcorn each to help mommy clean up and put it in the trash."
A couple seconds later...
Silas - "Ok, Mama, we put 6 pieces of popcorn in the trash."
(He regularly does these little math word problems in his head. His mama was impressed!)

This girl will not stop eating my dark chocolate! I need to find a better place to hide it.


  1. Could they be any cuter?! It's funny because Eden and Dominic are nearly the same age, but I'm always surprised to see her looking so grown up. :D

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