Friday, October 18, 2013

Sprucing Up Our New Building

Last Thursday after church we all crammed into micros and road over to our new building to have a special prayer dedication.
Juan spent a lot of time working with the electric company to get the power back on, but at this point we still didn't have any light, so we used lanterns, flashlights, and cell phones.
 It was pretty exciting for everyone to see our new space!
We went outside to the courtyard to have our special prayer of asking God to bless our church in this new opportunity. I have no photos of that because 2 of my 3 kids were having mega meltdowns... like the people around us couldn't even hear the prayer! Some days are like that.

About 75% of the people in our church have cell phones, so we decided to get everyones numbers and send weekly texts. So far we are doing reminders and announcements, but we might start doing weekly memory verses. This has been a big hit. It has strengthened our church's sense of community. It's funny, but I totally get it because I enjoy getting the texts too. Jimmy sent out one reminding everyone of our Saturday work day at the church and then suggested people bring plants to dress up the church. Well, we had a great turnout! 
The backyard is very large. All the men cleaned it up and removed all of the trash, which included a lot of broken glass. Now it is a safe place for the kids to run. We had a couple men from our church who needed a job working at our house that week building our front porch. They asked off so that they could come help that day too. 
There was an empty strip of dirt along the side wall. They filled it in with the plants everyone brought. It looks really nice now. It will be even prettier once the plants take root. 
The women cleaned the inside. 
The kids all played in the courtyard while the adults work!
I should have taken more photos of the afters and of some of the people who worked really hard that I didn't get a pic of. We have a lot more work to do. The entire outside still needs to be painted along with our name and logo. We have a printed vinyl sign on the gate for now. We are going to be painting the kids classrooms as well. Juan is talking about doing a mural for the nursery! It will be fun to see it all come about. 

I did snap these photos of the inside of the sanctuary while we were cleaning after our first service last night. 
I thought with all of our stuff moved over it would look familiar to our people, like it was still their church! Please pray as we continue to transition into our new building. We were a little down last night in attendance (we still had a good group, I just wanted everyone to be there), so I hope everyone makes the transition with us! 
We have a team arriving today to work at the institute and teach a class module for the existing pastors. They will be hosting another ladies and mens outreach at our church this coming Sunday! Lots going on this week. Please pray we all stay healthy. Thanks!

We found a mascot for our church!

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