Friday, April 18, 2014

Heard Around the House #12

Silas - "Dada, you're the best ever!"
Dada - "Why ya think that?"
Silas - "Because you're smart!"
Dada - "Well why do you think I'm smart?"
Silas - "Because you eat asparagus."
Whenever Eden is coloring at home she holds her paper up and yells, "Shelley!" I think she thinks that is Spanish for "look here". She hears the kids at church say it when they finish their papers. She doesn't know it's my name.

 Eden is so loving. Out of nowhere she regularly looks at one of us and says, "Love you, Dada!" or Love you, Mama!"
Jimmy picked me up a small shopvac. My kids haven't been around vacuum cleaners. They keep asking me if they can play with my "orange thingy". It is blowing their minds! That thing is pretty handy. I am loving shopvacing all the bugs out of all of my screens!
We have been working on our grocery store behavior. These 3 hooligans have come a LONG way! I am so proud of them! They are big helpers now.
Our grocery store in Santa Elena is in a mall that was built a couple years ago. It is really struggling to get going. Most of it is still empty and the little stores come and go on a monthly basis. I really like going there though because the grocery store is super clean and the people are really polite. They also usually don't have loud music blaring… now I sound old. I was surprised to walk out when we were finished shopping and see something new! It took me a second.  
I told the boys to go look close at that new statue. They saw the cool tool belt, so they went right up. Just when they got close he moved to shake their hand. They jumped back! Their mama laughed and laughed! Eden was NOT amused. She didn't cry, but this silver mime might be just a half a step above a Chic-fil-a mascot in her book. Once Silas figured out what was going on, he went right up to shake his hand! 
Jonah finally went too. This "statue" was epic! They are still talking about it. It was so hot, the poor guys paint was dripping off onto the floor. My boys had silver hands.
Jonah and Silas are still at the age where bandaids are as cool as your boo boo. Jonah was showing his daddy his band aid.
Dada - "That's gross!"
Jonah - (mischievously) "I know, it has boo boo on it!"

The other day my kids helped tell the story about the Good Shepherd in my Sunday School class.
{The sheep, the thief, and the Good Shepherd}
We rehearsed a bit beforehand. It's a good thing because Eden was not happy when the thief tried to steel the sheep:
I was making biscuits the other morning and must have added too much milk because the dough was a lot runnier than normal. All the kiddos were sitting at the counter coloring.
Mama - (Scrapping the sticky dough off the counter) "This is a mess!"
Silas - "Mama, you just need a little more practice making biscuits!"

It has been crazy hot here lately. We may are or may not all cram into the blow up kiddy pool when we get desperate.
Here is an afternoon when the kiddos were swimming. It is one of our more sophisticated conversations!
I regularly catch the boys helping their sister. It is SUUUUUPER sweet. 
Eden on the other hand thinks irritating her brothers is a sport. She OWNS those boys. 
Jonah is very artistic. He is kind of inside the box, and that box is going to be extremely tidy and there are going to be guidelines that all are expected to follow. Silas is very creative… no where close to the box. He has a huge imagination and an outfit to go with every new idea:
Their two personality kind of balance each other out in a beautiful way.
We have lots of conversations about them being twins and about when they were inside my tummy at the same time. We looked at photos the other day from when they were born and in the NICU. 
Jonah - "What was on us when we were born?"
Mama - "Goop."
Jonah - "Why did you eat goop?!"

Here is one last video of the frog that has adopted us:

Kids are always messing with my guitar pick at church. The other Sunday mine was missing and I had no spare. Jimmy immediately pulled an old card from his wallet and cut me a temporary one. I thought it was super sweet! Jonah and Silas thought it was cool too. 

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