Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Ministries of Our Church

We are starting to advertise our church's new ministry to teens and young adults (15-25). It is called Grupo VIPs. Please pray with us over this new ministry. It kicks off May 9th and will be held every Friday night.  
We are praying this meets a need in our church and in our town. We have many in this age group that have come and put their faith in God, but really are lacking the Christian friendships they need for encouragement and accountability. Also, in our town there is nothing for this age group but trouble. Please pray with us! 

For the last two months we have started a discipleship class that meets on Sunday mornings. 
Jimmy found some really good curriculum and printed off all the sections and bound them individually so that each of us could have a workbook. I love this time! It is really hard to get people talking sometimes. Everyone is afraid of answering a question wrong or being embarrassed. This setting is perfect to get people talking. It has cleared up some confusion and people have asked some really good questions. The material covers everything from who Jesus is and who we are in Christ to basic doctrines and how to share your faith with others. 

Please pray for this discipleship class. This will be where the leaders and teachers of our church come from. Please pray that all those who are Christians will commit to this class. I feel like it as already been under a lot of attack. Two weeks in a row we had people injured or admitted to the hospital right as class was about to take place. Of course some of the people who want to come are being pressured not to attend by those who serve Satan. 

Jimmy and Juan try to follow up with anyone who misses to keep everyone on track. 
Right after our lesson on Salvation, one of our teens led a new 12 your old at our church to Christ. That 12 year old started coming because we met him at the basketball courts in our town during one of Jimmy's games. He is one of about a dozen other guys who come together just for our children's ministry. 
{The one on the far left led the one on the far right to Christ}
Please pray that the rest of them will come to know the Lord too. I feel like there is a huge opportunity in our town with the children, youth and young adults who are searching for truth. Please pray for our church and that we will be wise with our time and resources in order to be used most effectively by the Lord.

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