Saturday, January 16, 2016

Family Traditions #30: Thanksgiving 2015

Jimmy found 4 pumpkins at the grocery store in Santa Elena a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. The chances of them having them and then us being there before someone else picked them up (all the restaurants shop there too) is so small that we were celebrating big time when he came home with these. Pumpkin pie is a super big deal for Jimmy and Silas. Sweet potato casserole is an integral part of our Thanksgiving foods too but no place had them this year. Jimmy went on a wild goose chase and ended up in a Kekchi village close to the farm waiting on a woman willing to sell them to dig them up out of her yard. So basically Jimmy saved Thanksgiving!
We usually host a large Thanksgiving at our house with some missionaries that live within an hour or so of us. Well that wasn't happening this year. It ended up that some of our sweetest friends here, Bonnie and Jim, invited us over for Thanksgiving Dinner. They are a big part of our life and always an encouragement to us! Bonnie is a wonderful cook (she's from the south!)

I didn't take pictures that day really, but found some on my phone that the kids had taken. Ms Bonnie had everything decorated so pretty!
After dinner Jim and Bonnie said that they wanted to show us something. They live on a large mission base right now and took us to another building. They had built the kiddos a Packers theme corn hole! They are just beautiful and you know me, I love handmade things! So much time went into these!
The boys didn't understand right away. They thought we were just playing a really fun game while we were there, then when they found out we were taking them home with us, they were thrilled! 
 We have a family fun day every Saturday and are big time game players. These corn holes have already gotten a lot of playing time and of course you have to wear a Packer shirt to play!
{Eden's victory dance}
Here are some pictures Bonnie took!
Bonnie and Jim made our day extra special. We are very blessed to call them friends!

Here is our thankful wall we created during the month of November. We have so much to be thankful for! 
{I have 4 photos of this wall and all are photobombed by a different member of my family who thinks they are hilarious.}

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