Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Getting Involved

Tonight Jimmy got to be a clown for the kids at our church. We go to Iglesia Bautista Cristo Salva, or Christ Saves Baptist Church. Jimmy spoke on the story of Jonah, using balloons. The children loved it! We are really excited about being able to get involved in this church over the next couple of months.
This Friday and Saturday is Missions Conference. Several churches near by get together to have one joint conference. What?! Baptist churches working together?! Please pray that God will bless this Missions Conference.
Claire is teaching the children’s lesson for the conference and asked me to teach the memory verse. I am very excited. Ok, I have to put a picture of my verse. My grandmother gave me a message board with pockets in it, a couple years ago. I used some 3x5 cards that we brought with us to write the verse out on. Now I can take it wherever and reuse it with other verses and I don’t have to worry about having a dry erase board or chalkboard.

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