Friday, September 8, 2006

Missions Conference

Updated by Jimmy:
Today the Missions conference started and everybody was really excited. Of course, we didn’t get the day off school...David Lott, a missionary in Guatemala City and Paul Martin’s brother in law (for those of you who know him) was asked to be the main speaker.
We got there early because the conference was supposed to last 5 hours and we wanted one of the plastic chairs that don’t hurt after 15 minutes!
After only three weeks of language school, Shelley was asked to teach the memory verse to the kids. She was nervous, but we all knew she would do good. Well, she exceeded our expectations! She did so good and looked so comfortable with the kids. I was so proud of her. Thanks so much for praying for Shelley, she really appreciates it, and God really helped her do so well.
Tomorrow is another day of Missions Conference. It is really exciting to meet several national pastors from this area (within 3 hours) and be able to expand our network of Guatemalan Christians that can help us. Please also pray for the conference, that Guatemalans will be called into the ministry.

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