Sunday, September 3, 2006

My Conversations Are Growing

First, thank you to all of those who have already voted in our photo contest! It is really an encouragement to all of us here to know how many people are keeping up with us. This weekend we went to Solola again to meet a couple who came down to visit their daughter whom they are adopting from the Boggs. They are from a church in Topeka who bring teams to Guatemala. We hope one day they can come help us when we begin working in a village. While in Solola, we also got to celebrate the Boggs’ birthdays. Larry’s was last Thursday and Claire’s is tomorrow. We made then some no-bake cookies!
These pictures are a little rough, but they are of some boys whom we bought pens from. The pens are woven in bright colors and say “Guatemala” on them. They are for Miss Wankel’s Class at Trinity Christian Academy in Jax, FL. They adopted us again as their class missionaries. While we were waiting on them to finish making the pens I started talking to them in Spanish. I am the blob in the picture. I found out that two of them are brothers and the other one is a cousin. They do go to school during the week (I was very concerned about that!) They asked if I was from the States (I thought, “Hello... do I not look like a Gringo?”) I told them that my new home is in Guatemala and my house is in Quetzaltenango. I love talking to kids, eventually I will work my way up to adults. For 8 days of language school, this conversation was not all that bad! Thanks for praying for my Spanish. Jimmy told them later that since they already sold so many pens today that they can go home and play. They just smiled and went back to work.
For some reason when we talk in English now, stuff comes out weird. Words get replaced with other ones that don’t make any sense and then sometimes we say them in the wrong order. That is ok for Jimmy, but if my English keeps getting worse and I don’t hurry up and learn Spanish, I will soon just be mute!
Jimmy is such a sweetheart! He found a juicer for me. It is wonderful! He is so thoughtful. It is very difficult to find things here, so I was very surprised and delighted!

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