Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cold = Bad

I picked Linda up for my class on Thursday and she had a Coke with her that she had just bought. She said, “He only had cold Cokes, so now I have to wait to drink it.” It is a superstition here that cold things make you sick. I told her that Jimmy was sick (he’s getting better). Linda asked if he had been drinking cold things. I said, “No, he’s sick because he’s married.” I meant to say “tired”, but “married” is one letter different. She said, “Oh.” About 2 hours later I realized what I had said. Linda got a laugh. Later Jimmy came down to get something to drink out of the fridge. Linda told him to stay away from the fridge because it is bad for you.

We have a praise, our sweet guard dog Fije went to the vet today. This is the first time that she looks better and has gotten a report that she is improving. The doctor had given her a shot of antibodies and it has worked so far. Her body is finally fighting the tumor. She is just a dog, but she brightens our days and we have been praying very hard for her.

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