Sunday, March 11, 2007


This weekend was a special treat for us. Jimmy’s parents were vacationing in Florida and met up with my parents in Daytona Beach for lunch and to go to one of our supporting churches for their Sunday morning service. We had sent CrossRoads an update DVD and this Sunday pastor Dan included it in his sermon about missions. We got to download and listen to it today. We have decided to send our parents on furlough for us... they can visit the rest of our churches and give them updates, then we would only have to spend a week or so in the States at a time! Ok, maybe not, but they said it would be fun!
In the photo is pastor Dan Proctor, missions pastor Tommy Thompson, Ms. Jan Gammero, the Sunday school teacher whose class adopted us. A little boy named Adam was in her class last year and was called to be a missionary!
Yesterday we visited a different church here in Xela (I do not know why all the churches have to be in the same cities when there are plenty of places with none). We really enjoyed it and got so many ideas about what we want to do in the Petén. It was such a friendly place. They came up to us right away and filled out a visitor card. They have a ministry for every age group. We loved their methods, but do not agree with their message.
Afterwards we met up with the Boggs and the house parents at Eagle’s Nest for lunch.

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