Friday, March 2, 2007

Off to the Petén

Originally we were going to leave for the Petén on Sunday, but instead we are leaving tomorrow at 5:00 am. We are returning on Tuesday so that I only miss 2 days of class. Please pray for our safety. We have a list of supplies that we are going to see if we can get there or not. We are going to look at housing. On Sunday we are going to the refugee camp, New Horizons, to talk to the mayor. This is where we want to start a Spanish work while we are learning Kekchi. Please pray that God will open a door. We have never driven to the Petén before, it takes 12-14 hours, so please be in prayer for us.

Here’s a praise. Jimmy was in an accident on the way to the seminary early Thursday morning. The man who caused the accident did not stop, but the third party agreed with Jimmy that it was the other guys fault. Jimmy was not hurt and his truck was not damaged because of the brush guard. All is a praise because even if an accident is not your fault you usually have to pay money since you are a north american.

Today while I was walking Fije, I saw a pig being taunted by 2 dogs. The pig was huge, but looked very scared. I took Fije and started chasing these 2 dogs to try and get them to leave the pig alone. An indigenous lady who was in the field stopped what she was doing to watch the gringa chase the dogs who were chasing the pig. Then 2 men on a roof nearby started yelling at the dogs too (I guess it was their pig). Finally the dogs got scared and ran off... poor pig. Fije had a good time!

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