Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 Tickets To the Inner Sanctum

I know why we had twins! Yesterday afternoon we went around Santa Rita inviting some of the women to come to the ladies activity. Jimmy took a couple of people from the team and went one way and I took some and went the other. Someone volunteered to stay at the Bible study building and watch Jonah and Silas, but we both wanted to take one with us... we are proud of our boys! It's a good thing we have two! And they know how to turn it on. They grinned all day flashing their dimples at whoever was talking to them. They are such good little missionary kids! The people here are always happy to see them too and just love on them every chance they get. We are immediately invited into peoples homes now that the boys are with us. Not sure what it is (other than their sheer baby magnetism of course!) Parenthood gives us an instant connection.
The Kekchi people especially, love babies. At two seperate times Jimmy and I have been way back into the Kekchi corner of the village in people's houses that we had never even seen before because we had Jonah or Silas with us. They are our tickets to the Kekchi inner sanctum! I am so thankful that my boys have been welcomed into their community. I know they are going to love growing up here!

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  1. Kids really do change how people accept you. It took me a year of living in San Juan before anyone would even sit beside me on the bus! A small handful of people would say "Buenos dias" in the street, most just stared. Then I got pregnant and more started to talk to me and when Dorian was born, the last few barriers were broken down and everyone except a couple of older women now talks to me. They always stop to see how the boys are, even if the kids aren't with me and when they are, they are touched and kissed and admired.

    And I think it's a good thing you had twins, too! How perfect . . . one per parent.


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