Friday, May 14, 2010

We Might Have Lost It

We must have thought life juggling 6 month old twin boys was too boring for us because we just added a puppy to the mix. Our parents are probably yelling at their computer screens. I know... we all do stupid things sometimes.
It honestly happened so fast it's hard to know who to blame it on. I remember late one night commenting to Jimmy that I felt bad for Lucha since she has been a little neglected since we brought home the boys. I said, "We should get her a playmate." Less then 24 hours later I run into a friend who had ONE Boxer puppy left. I call Jimmy over in the middle of the conversation about said puppy... trusting him to lead me in the right direction, and he immediately says, "We'll take her!" [This part of the story is under dispute by one of the parties.]
I named her Atzi (atz'i') which is Kekchi for "your dog"... as in I am not taking care of your mutt! Really she is a very sweet dog and sleeps through the night. She is spunky and holds her own with Fije and Lucha and is very gentle around the boys. She seems like a perfect fit!
She is about 8 weeks old and has tiger stripes, so she will look a little different than Lucha. Fije hates her, but she doesn't care much for Lucha either. Lucha loves her and they play well together. They will be the best of friends. That was who we got her for, so we are happy!


  1. Time for another child to keep it all even and such....I think she is cute! I'd better send chew strips though for her so she doesn't use the boy's fingers & toes!

  2. You are both thinking "What were we thinking" as if we don't already have enough to do. She is cute and Lucha will love her we hope.

  3. Ha! That's EXACTLY how we ended up with both of our dogs (no longer with us). Both of us were thinking we were nuts after, but we really did love them. I'm sure Atzi will be a great addition to the family. Love the name, too!


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