Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Like To Eat Eat Eat Carrots and Bananas

A couple days before the boys turned 7 months we decided it was time for them to try some big people food! We were so excited, we couldn't wait to see their reactions! So what food do you start with?

They sell baby food here, but while I was pregnant one of my friends commented to me, "Do you really want to feed your baby fruits and veggies that were harvested YEARS ago." (Way to ruin it for me Dara!) Well that sounded gross. So we started researching what all it would involve just to make our own. Baby product manufacturers sort of have us programmed to think that we need all these gadgets and gizmos, including commercially prepared baby food in order for our baby to survive. They want us to think that their products have special properties that make them appropriate for infants. The only special properties added are sugar, corn starch, corn syrup... I could go on!

The best resource we found is this website, It really is very easy. All you need are ice trays and a food processor.

We chose to start with avocados. We don't tell anyone here that since it is considered a "cold food" and will definitely make our babies sick! Even our pediatrician shot us a look when we told him we were thinking about starting with avocados, so we are not telling him! Also, am I the only one that thought they were a vegetable? Avocados are a super fruit, full of good fat for developing brains!

Now on to the good part... their reactions:
You can tell we are first time parents. I put them in nice clothes (for pictures of course) and in their bouncy seats (they are still too small for their booster seats). Guess what... it is hard to hit a moving target!

Jonah couldn't wait to get the spoon in his mouth to chew on, but he was taken aback by the strange texture on it!
It took a little while, but then he decided it was fun! It just sat in his mouth at first I don't think they new that they were supposed to swallow it!
Still the spoon was his favorite part!
Silas is extremely visual. He was not about to let us put that spoon in his mouth until he took a good look at it first.
Then he wanted to do it himself.
We thought Jonah was going to be a little bit more ready for solids, because he had started waking up about 4 each morning hungry, so we figured he needed something a little more substantial than milk. Plus he has a little tooth bud showing. Well so far Silas is the one that wants to eat solids. He will eat until we cut him off most times. He is a little porker! Jonah still likes to eat the most at Mom's!
So far they have eaten:
Rice cereal (made from whole grain brown rice)

I think bananas and carrots are their favorites so far. They're funny because when they put it in their mouth for the first time they get this awful look on their face...
then it slowly changes to "yummy!"
I LOVE these plastic Baby Bjorn bibs. I would highly recommend them. I have no need to launder fabric bibs, all you have to do with these is wipe them off and they catch everything... for now. (I know eating time with get messier as time goes by). We have 4 of these bibs, blue, red, yellow, and green. When given a choice, Silas always picks the red one and Jonah the green one! I love their little personalities coming out!
I am not a fan of cooked carrots, but it is probably becuase I remember eating them out places. (My mom cooked all kinds of other fresh veggies growing up.) I tried these and they are tasty! I think kids might have a better chance of being veggie fans if they were given fresh ones. I'll let you know how this theory pans out in about 10 years!

I want to add that it is very possible to exclusively nurse twins for 7 months and yes I consider it my super power... haha! I think the secret to supply is this, you make enough milk by nursing often, not the length of time, but the frequency. I am going to keep nursing them along with the solids until they are a year old because of all the good antibodies. I also think that is why they have been so healthy. Nursing took all my pregnancy weight off and then some... ok maybe a lot! But who could complain about having to eat more! This is all part of God's beautiful design... I love it!


  1. Shelley, I really enjoyed reading your blog. The pictures were too cute!

  2. I know I say this about every picture you put up, but wow, you have such cuties! :)

    I agree with the fresh veggie theory. Dorian loves vegetables and he even eats lettuce, which is supposedly weird for a 4 year old. I'll just warn you though that they will probably go through a "no veggie" stage around 2-3, just as a power thing, but it doesn't mean they are off them forever.

    Oh, another really awesome food for babies is guicoy, cooked soft, then blended or strained (to get rid of strings) and mixed with a bit of butter and milk. My boys gobbled that stuff up!

  3. One of Caleb's first foods was avacado also. And I made all of his food, using just a food processor and ice cube trays. So glad it is going well for you guys!

  4. considering that I am just getting started with nursing, I considered what you said very encouraging!! I also plan to make his food myself and will most likely be asking you for much advice. :-)


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