Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good Friday

For Good Friday we observed the Lord's Supper at the mission in San Pancho. Lico was in San Pancho, so he came with us!

Tutor #4's wife, invited us over for supper before church. She is an excellent cook. She puts a lot of cabbage in her caldo and I think it is delicious.

I was nursing Eden while I took this photo, that's why its so wonky.
{Jimmy, Tutor #4, Lico, Pastor's daughter), & Jonah}

My boys are complete opposites in almost every situation.

Silas eats his tortillas like a Chapin. He dips them in the caldo with his hand and then eats them.
Jonah eats his tortillas like a gringo. He breaks them up like they are crackers, tosses them in the caldo and eats them with a spoon!
It is still incredibly hot here. Right before we left on Friday I asked Jimmy to cut my hair, it has been too much of a sweaty mess. He cut off 7 inches... brave man! Here is a photo of Eden and I Easter Sunday morning. It was in a pony tail again soon after.
I didn't take any pictures during the service. It was really a special time. Jimmy led the Lord's Supper and Tutor #4 preached. This new church plant is very different for us than the guerrilla village work. Maybe because it will always be our hometown church, maybe because we get to work with another family, I don't know, but we are enjoying the experience and thankful for the opportunity.

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