Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Prayer of Dedication

Yesterday we all went with Jimmy to the monthly Kekchi pastors' meeting in Sayaxché. Usually Jimmy goes by himself, but this month was special. Since we work in missions every weekend and aren't a member of a church here (soon it will be the church in San Pancho), Jimmy asked if the pastors would have a prayer of dedication over Eden.
{Domingo giving a report about his missions work}

This church in Sayaxché is the same place Jimmy holds the KBI modules. I would say it could possibly be one of the hottest places on this earth. I think it's only competition would be our current rental house. It has the same itty bitty windows and for some unknown reason half the time they are closed... why people... why?!
The high yesterday was 104 degrees. Luckily today the high is only 102. This kind of heat makes you crazy. You just walk around drenched and stinky all day and sometimes all night. Since our windows are so tiny, no breeze gets in. We have window air conditioning units in the boys bedroom and in our room that we run at night to be able to sleep, but when it is this hot, the concrete block heats up so much, that the air conditioners can't keep up. While we were in Guate, they must have hooked up more people to the transformer we are on because there is not enough power now to even run one unit in our house. My washing machine trips our breaker half the time. The wires get so hot in our roof that they just can't handle anything. Jimmy hoses off our roof every evening. This makes me even more thankful for our forever house where we have more windows than walls!!! I just have to make it a month and a half to rainy season and this should be our last dry season in this house. I am SO thankful.
So for now we drink lots of water and pray for rain!
We are so thankful for the friendship and partnership with these national pastors and missionaries. We were very honored to have them pray for Eden and for us as parents.
Pastor Mateo led the prayer. He is the legal representative for the Association of Kekchi Baptist pastors in Petén. He is also on the board of directors for the institute. (This is not the same Mateo that pastors in Poptún.) When the Kekchi pray they all pray out loud at the same time. It is a beautiful thing to hear and it is encouraging to us to see their love for our family.

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