Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Heard Around the House #1

Now that my boys are talking more I thought it would be fun to share some of the things they come up with here on the blog. Thanks, Genesis, for the idea!

Mommy: "What do you want for supper?"
Silas: "Pie pop!"
(He loves pot pie!)

Due to where we live there are always bugs in our house, which is great for little boys. Jonah and Silas run and get their shoes to kill them. 
One night during supper...
Mommy: "There's a bug on the ceiling. Are ya'll going to get your shoes?"
Silas: "No, we need God."

For the last 2 weeks we have kept a pig on the table. Whoever does something rude at the table gets the pig and if you have it at the end of a meal you don't get a popsicle.
Just to let you know what I'm dealing with, that pig gets passed around a LOT!
Silas does something rude during dinner...
Mommy: "Silas gets the pig."
Jonah passes the pig to Silas
Silas: "Thank you"
(At least he's polite in some ways!)

20 minutes into our drive home from church...
Jonah: Looking at the empty seat next to him for the first time, "MAMMA!!!.... BABY!!!!
Mommy: "She's up here with me."
(He thought we forgot her at church!)

After hearing a loud noise from outside...
Silas: "Big car!"
Mommy: "No, that was thunder."
Jonah: "Oh... God."

The day after watching a youtube video of the hulk and superman with Daddy to explain what the superheros were on their new pj's.
Silas: "Me fly"
and then this happened:
Side view:

One morning...
Silas: "Can't fly, me sick."
(Silas has had a horrible cold and a stomach bug. Evidently that has taken its toll on his superpowers.)

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  1. This is a WONDERFUL idea! I laughed so hard this morning!


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