Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Our Church"

Ever since we have been back from the States, Jonah and Silas call Iglesia Bautista San Pancho "our church"! The were not fans of being left in the nursery. In fact for weeks after that whenever we would pull up somewhere that had a swing set outside like "Kiki's church" they would start crying, "No church me!" Thankfully they still love their church home. 
I was worried since we missed 2 Sundays and had some of our Kekchi pastor friends fill in (who I'm sure did a great job) that we would lose some people, but we are still growing! 
 These are some of the teens that are too cool to sit inside. They listen from the door. That is one thing that we really want to focus on over the next couple weeks, planning some teen activities and outreaches. It's just us 2, so pray we get it done. We can't wait till Juan gets here to help out!
 This is the kids time during the evening service. I noticed after looking at this photo that the 3 sets of tables are divided by towns. The closet table is San Pancho, the middle SR, and the furthest is NH! We will have to work on them intermingling too!
Please keep praying for our church! 

It's wintertime again here in the Dinsmore home! Bits of our ceiling snow on our things during the middle of rainy season. The worst parts are over my closet in the laundry room and over our dining room table. At least we get to enjoy 4 seasons in this house as opposed to the rest of Guatemala! 

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