Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lico's Preaching Tonight!

This past week we were invited to Lico's house inside NH to celebrate his 41st birthday. We are invited to birthday's in his family a lot, but this was the first time in years we felt it safe to go. 
 There were more than us there, but people eat at different times, all over the house, so I just caught all of them together for this photo!

Here are the bashful ladies that cooked the birthday meal:
{Elda, her mom, and her daughter Paula}
 Jimmy had the idea to bring Lico's birthday cake and secretly planned it with his daughter, Paula, first when she came to him asking if her dad could have the day off of work to throw him a surprise party. I didn't get a picture of the cake except for the piece that is in Lico's hand below!
{Lico & his son Fredrico}
Traditional Guatemalan cakes are very wet and have fruit as decoration on top, like figs and strawberries. I have taken a liking to them. They are not as sweet as what we would typically make, but very pretty.

Lico made the bench he is sitting on. It is BEAUTIFUL! He said that he is going to make us one too. He gave me some of the leftover mimbre. I need to soak it, so I can start learning to weave with it. 
This photo is of his whole family. If you look closely you can see Jumiley, their youngest, sleeping on the bed in the room behind them! 

We are very thankful for Lico, for his honest character in being in charge of our forever house construction, for his friendship, and for his heart for God. Jimmy has been working with him a little to prepare a sermon for this weekend. I say a little because he has already been through a discipleship class with Jimmy, so he knows how to study his Bible for himself. He is preaching tonight for the first time in our evening service! Please pray for him and rejoice over what God has done in his life over the last 6 years!

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