Sunday, December 2, 2012

Goodies from Guate

This past week Jimmy made one more trip to Guatemala City before we move into our house. He got a couple of errands taken care of. 

Lucha needed to go to the vet (we have a great vet here, but cattle is his specialty, not as much dogs). I was concerned about her eyes. They have white clouds in them. I thought she might have some type of infection and if we could do anything simple to save her eyesight I wanted to do it. I thought she had already lost vision in one eye because of a fight with Atzi, so I didn't want her to be completely blind.  We got all good news from the vet, the clouds are just sun damage that won't get worse if she stays in the shade and the blood from the fight had already reabsorbed so she will be able to see out of both eyes. 
{Atzi at her new home}
I never posted this, but we moved Atzi to the KBI land to be a guard dog because she kept attacking Lucha. She never became part of the pack for some reason. She wanted to be alpha and was willing to fight Lucha to the death for it. This last time she almost did, so Atzi had to go. This whole ordeal ended up being a great lesson for the boys. We have been memorizing the verse in Proverbs about pride leading to conflict and they saw it in a way they could understand.

 She is very happy living there and walks around with the guard looking very mean (even though she isn't except to other Boxers). She likes her new life better and Fije and Lucha are happier without her AND she never learned to not chew up the boys' toys, so I'm kind of happier too! Lucha and Fije are so much more civilized than her. 

Since Lucha went, the boys and I couldn't go. We are all so spoiled because we get to do so many things together. This was a time that reminded us of that. Since we weren't there though, Daddy came home with all kinds of surprises!

He brought home a new larger, fuller Christmas tree. More importantly, one that wasn't pre-decorated with rat droppings!
 You can't find normal snack foods in Petén, which is good because it forces us to eat healthier snacks like fresh fruit, cheese, nuts I roast myself, etc. But unhealthy snacks from Guate are still fun!
 They usually have popsicles here, but they have been out for months. Thankfully Jimmy found some in Guate or my boys might not have survived the next couple months! I usually can get Eden down for her first nap in the time it takes my boys to consume 1/2 a popsicle each. Our world is clearly dependent on them.
Jimmy found sealer for our concrete floors! I like the look of concrete better than tile, so the floors in our entire house will be shiny gray concrete. This saves us a lot of time and money. 

In Guatemala around Christmas time, it is common for larger stores to give away toy coupons with your receipts. Since he bought so much sealer they gave him 200Q worth of toy coupons. He used it for a free Cookie Monster play-dough set. My boys have played with this thing for hours already. They love feeding cookie monster the food they make!
We are taking all of our appliances with us when we move accept our oven, for 2 reasons: 1 - it isn't insulated, so my boys regularly touch the oven door and burn their hands... I mean bad burns... us too. It is ridiculously dangerous. 2 - I wanted a stove top mounted into my concrete counters so that no food could fall down around it to attract rats. We bought a stove top months ago in Guate. We didn't like the store because they were kind of uppity and didn't really know anything about their products, but it was the cheapest. Well, they didn't ship it with the right name to the right place... we weren't surprised! Well Jimmy went back and hunted down our stove top, yay! It took him forever, but he did it. Not one "we're sorry" out of that lovely company either. Stores like that think customer service means fancy clothes, lots of perfume/cologne and hair gel. I like Petén so much more than Guate!
Jimmy also found a pipe threader! My entire kitchen is an island and will have a bar off the back of it with stools to sit on and chat with mommy while she cooks! I wanted pipes to hold up the concrete counter overhang... you know, where you sit. Jimmy found all the fittings and a threader to build it for me! The little fittings are for the shelving in our closets. I was really excited about this find!

Jimmy left for Guate about 3:30am. (He hates even going to Guate, so he didn't want to waste 2 whole days on this trip.) That morning the boys and I were in the kitchen eating breakfast when I looked out the window and saw 3 horses walk by! We don't own horses! 
I walked outside to see what was going on and found a sleeping labrador. Great job Fije! She couldn't have cared less about the 3 large intruders in our yard. 

Evidently Jimmy and the two dogs missed the 3 horses that walked into our yard after he opened the gate and before he left in the darkness! They had been locked in our yard for several hours. They ate lots of weeds growing along the fence. I left the gate opened and they quietly left. Jimmy doesn't believe me that there were horses in our yard, but they left evidence EVERYWHERE!
{You can see the gray horse blob behind the palm... that's a horse I promise. There is also a pile of evidence in this photo as well.}


  1. I love your snack food picture - I do the same thing! (and I don't have a good excuse like living so far away) :)

  2. What store did Jimmy buy the sealant at? Great deal, though I think it's funny that he gave the boys the toy right away instead of waiting for Christmas. :D

    1. Cemaco
      I know, we have no restraint;)


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