Monday, December 31, 2012

Heard Around the House #3

The boys were playing with some toy phones that Jimmy had picked up for them when he was in the States a couple months ago.
Daddy - "Do you like that phone? Do you want me to go back to the States and get you another phone?" (just wondering if it was worth it to him)
Silas - "No, Dada, I'll cry if you fly on a plane."
So sweet, he likes being with Daddy more than presents.

One Sunday afternoon the football game kept going off because of the poor signal. Sometimes we pray for the power to come back on, which makes the boys think that God is the one who turns the power off. Silas must have thought this was a similar situation.
(After there was no signal for a long time Silas walks up to the tv.)
Silas - "Hahaha... God... He's funny!"
(a couple seconds later)
Silas - "God, uh-ball? God, are you there?"
(Nothing happens so Silas walks away.)
Daddy - "Is God there?"
Silas - "No"
Daddy - "God is always there when we talk to Him."
(Silas walks back to the tv.)
Silas - "God, are you there?"
(Football game immediately comes back on!)

Silas tackled me and pulled my hair out of my ponytail, so I was fixing it right before we were going to put together a puzzle. 
Jonah - (impatiently) "No play with hair, Mama, puzzle!"

About 90% of the time Silas is the first one to wake up from a nap, but the other day Jonah came walking out first rubbing his sleepy eyes.
Mommy - "What woke you up?"
Jonah - "God"

After seeing a cut on Silas' hand.
Mommy - "What happened to your hand?"
Silas - "BIG bear came and me swing!"
(His Daddy tells wild bear stories that usually end with him swinging the bear around and around.)

When Nick was here I told the boys as they were going down for a nap one day,
Mommy - "When you wake up who is going to be hear to eat supper with you?"
Jonah - "Nick and Jimmy!"
(They have recently realized that Mommy and Daddy have names too.)

I was telling the boys about Thanksgiving...
Mommy - "We are going over to a friend's house tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving. We are going to meet a bunch of new people."
Silas - "No!"
Mommy - "Why don't you want to go?"
Silas - "Daddy, E...?
Mommy - "They are going too. We go everywhere together because we are...?" (fully expecting him to finish my sentence with "a family")
Silas - "Happy!"

We have been talking about moving to our forever house a lot with the boys so that it doesn't upset them when the time comes.
Mommy - "Soon we are all going to move to our other house and we are going to take everything with us. What are we going to take with us?"
Silas - "The potty!"
(I figured he would be more concerned about his bed or toys, but nope, the first thing he would take with him is the potty!)

We have this John Deere board game we were saving for when they were old enough to play. When I got it out one morning we sadly realized it was unplayable. The board didn't lay flat and the pieces were so light weight, they wouldn't stand on the spaces. Jonah especially was very disappointed.  After they went to sleep I mod podge the board to a piece of cardboard and laminated the cheap cards and playing pieces. I felt kind of ridiculous spending that much time on it. Anyway the next morning Jonah comes into the kitchen and sees it on the table.
Jonah - (very excited) "Thank you, Mama, fix my game!!!"
(My sweet boys make everything worth it!)


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