Thursday, December 6, 2012


I added Instagram to our blog now that I have a phone with a decent camera. Jimmy was sweet to fix my phone situation before his own. It was a surprise and I appreciated it! So if you are interested you can follow us from the little Instagram icon at the top or here or just see our photo feed on our sidebar when you open our blog. Now you will know what our crazy days look like in real time. I don't even blog the half of it. 

Like yesterday, it was our water day. I just optimistically did 3 loads of laundry without checking our cistern only to find out that they never turned on our water... oops! Daddy brought home water from our forever house to fix my mistake! Here is Silas helping Daddy move the water from one cistern to another:
Or you might see this Sweetness from breakfast this morning:
Or a couple of bull ribs getting hacked in two with an ax:
 You might even see some CRAZY ITEMS OF THE DAY that would never make it past my editor... how in the world did they convince that man to walk around with that cardboard cutout? Glad my kids aren't old enough to even ask what this whole parade was about. 
I have a feeling our Instagram will be more of a Grandmas' thing... don't want to give anyone a Jim and Shelley overdose! 

Have a Happy Thursday! We are on our way to our midweek service and we have 2 visitors, Domingo and Nick. We are all going to a white field together tomorrow morning. Please pray!


  1. =) That last pic made me laugh!! (We almost had to be in one of those 'caminatas' last year, because of school. But thank God we got there late, and it was already over.)

    1. Hilarious! I will be looking for you from now on when we pass those things!


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