Thursday, November 21, 2013

4 More

There are 4 students currently enrolled in the institute. 2 more men want to come, but haven't submitted their applications yet. Jimmy really felt like God put the number 10 in his heart for this first group of students. The 62 existing Kekchi churches are spread out all over the southwest part of Petén, hours and hours of travel in all directions. We have our own church plant that we are working in, so it is difficult to get to all of these churches for services. Jimmy was really counting on the pastors to communicate with the men called to preach in their own churches. They were all given booklets about the institute and Jimmy has been announcing it for several months at the pastors meetings, but there are still a lot of questions as to how the school is laid out. The concept is brand new here, so someone would not only have to have a call to preach, but a pioneering spirit to move to San Pancho and invest in this for 3 years. The 4 students enrolled are all single men. Men with families are concerned they won't have a way to feed them... even though Jimmy has explained to them how everything is set up and how they won't starve, still I realize it is scary. 

Everything is new and new is hard to get people to accept. Also, this first group of students has to be fluent in Spanish as well, that is another thing that is hurting us. Jimmy hopes to have all of the class material ready for the second group in Kekchi (he's already put it all into Spanish), but starting in Kekchi with all of the other variables regarding the agricultural projects was just too much at first. Maybe young single guys is the way it is going to be, and that's fine. They don't have a family to worry about and that age group usually speaks more Spanish. They will prove the concept! 

This Tuesday, Kekchi young people from all of the existing churches are getting together for a Youth Conference in Sayaxché. They are expecting about 500 young people. Jimmy is going to get to personally present the institute and answer questions. This is a huge opportunity! Please be in prayer for this meeting on Tuesday, the 26th! We really feel there are 4 more out there that are supposed to be part of the institute. Please pray with us for those 4. Thanks! 

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