Monday, November 11, 2013

All That the Team Did Part 2

We enjoyed all the mealtimes with this team! They were really great to spend time with. 
They accomplished a lot at the farm. Roy and Maxie will forever be remembered as the two men that boarded up a student house in one day!
This team also poured 3 floors. 
If anyone from our other work teams read this blog they are not going to appreciate this next photo. Sometimes we can borrow a cement mixer and sometimes they are not available! It does make a big difference.
We really appreciate all the hard work so many different churches have put into this institute! 
It is great to have so many people behind this project! We are getting close to the start date... January 7th. Please keep praying! 

This team also checked out our Nissan Patrol. The gas gauge has been broken since we purchased it. We thought a new float would fix it, but it didn't. Besides running out of gas several times we have run out of shops to take it to, to try and figure out the problem. Well... Roy and Maxie did. 
That was a personal blessing to us!
 Another very personal gift was that Mrs. Barb decided to take on a huge project for me. When we visited her home on furlough she had a beautiful braided rug that I asked about. I was hoping to learn how to make one too. She didn't tell me at the time, but somehow she bought all the fabric it would take, got lots of sweet ladies together to cut it all into strips and then brought it all down in her suitcase.  
We started working on it while she was here. 
She called it a prayer rug because she said that they prayed for us while they cut. That is seriously one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. So thoughtful! If you know me you know I love handmade things. I have been working on it more since the team left... you know in the 5 minute mommy intervals that we get to actually focus on anything, haha! It is going to take me a while to finish, but it will be something that I treasure forever!  

Thank you so much Victory Chapel Baptist Church for all of the many ways you blessed our work and family! 

I went to buy some tarp from the hardware store in our town to go under one of the floors they poured at the institute. The roll it comes off of is real heavy. I thought they would measure and re-roll as they went. Nope! They drug it out to the road and asked me to move my truck so that they could measure it, haha! Glad I only needed 16 meters or we would have ended up in the intersection. I think the guy that usually works there was gone. 

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