Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Heard Around the House #10

Mama - I'm so sad that ya'll are going to be 4 tomorrow.
Silas - "It's ok, Mama, I'll still be your baby!"
Jonah saw a thimble on the kitchen table.
Jonah - "Mama, what is this, a little trash can?"

After our church work day that the kids spent playing in the courtyard with all the other kids.
Silas - "That white girl is really nice."
Mommy - "What did you just say?!" 
Silas - "That girl with the white shirt was really nice, she always threw the ball back to us." (He later talked about a nice blue man too.)
{Eden and her friend Yumeli}
One evening when Daddy wasn't home yet we heard a loud scratching noise on the screen in one of our windows.
Mommy - "What is that?"
Silas - (very seriously) "Mama, I think it is the talking dog."
(Silas talks about this talking dog a lot)
Mommy - "When have you ever seen the talking dog?"
Silas - "One day I came into the kitchen with my eyes like this (squinting them like in a dream) and that mean dog was talking to me."
Poor Silas has had several nightmares about a mean gray golden retreaverish dog that is in our kitchen sometimes and talks to him. To get rid of the dreams Daddy came home one day and told us all that unfortunately he had ran over the talking dog. It worked!

E's hair is finally long enough for a ponytail. She loves getting her hair brushed and loves wearing hair bows:
 Daddy and the boys were having leftovers one day for lunch.
Silas - "Jonah, do you want some of my pineapple pizza?"
Jonah - "No, thank you."
Silas - "Jonah, you need to try it... just try a bite!"
Jonah - "No Silas, pineapple pizza makes me vomit."
Silas - "Well try a bite and make sure you vomit in the potty."

The other night Eden kept yelling at us saying that she wasn't tired and then she got quiet all of a sudden. She had fallen asleep standing up in her bed:

I have been running around the perimeter of our wall a couple times each day. I try to get the boys to run with me. The first day I was telling them what it meant to be "in shape" by saying that if you don't exercise your muscles get weak and droopy. I didn't explain it very eloquently. The next day...
Mommy - "Let's run around the house."
Jonah - "Why?!"
Silas - "So our muscles don't drip."
{J&S working on their Narrow Door/Wide Door craft}
One day during lunch...
Silas - "Mama, is there any candy corn in our pantry?"
Mama - "What? What is candy corn?" (Thinking he didn't know what that was.)
Silas - "You know, it looks like mountains!"
Mama - "They don't sell that here. Maybe Kiki and Papa will bring you some."
(They're coming for Christmas!!!!)
Silas - "Will you call them and ask?"
(I call them and no one answers.)
Silas - "I think they're not pushing the button (like Skype). They must be on the plane!"

Jonah can flat put away some food. He would eat his weight in corn tortillas!

We went over to some missionary friends house for dinner in the next city over.
Jonah - "Mama, I have to potty."
Mama - "Ok, the bathroom is this way."
Jonah - (very excitedly) "Jim and Bonnie have a potty?!!!!" (You might be a missionary kid if...)

Jonah and Silas want to be like Spiderman. Eden wants to be like her brothers:

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