Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Time!

Please pray for our Christmas drama. It will be the Sunday before Christmas Day. Satan keeps fighting. The point of the drama was to help people see the story of Christmas. The children are telling the story to encourage some of their parents who don’t already come to at least come that evening and hear the Gospel. I have lost three kids already whose parents said that they could not participate after they had learned their part. There are still 9 sets of parents where either one or both do not attend or do not attend faithfully that still might come to see their child/children in the drama. The whole point is to spread the Gospel. We are videotaping the dress rehearsal to give each child a DVD. I know eventually everyone in the village will end up watching it, so please pray that God will use this outreach.
I have already invested at least 15 hours just this week on sewing alone, so I am very thankful that my mom was here to help me. I would have never been able to get everything done in time.
Jimmy has been working on the set. He put up all the spotlights yesterday and has been paper macheing the tomb.
This is the wood shop down the street from our house. Jimmy built a stable, but they are building the manger and cross. It is all out of cedar and very cheap... maybe because it takes them FOREVER!
We are a little overwhelmed. With our new work we have less time and tons of things to get done before Christmas. We were planning on just skipping decorating for Christmas in our house, but then my mom and Melissa brought us some Christmas baking things. I couldn’t stand it! So we put up our tree, turned on the Christmas music, and baked some cookies on Monday.
CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: We had Pizza Hut the other day. Once we moved from Santa Elena it started taking off! First an air conditioned grocery store, then a Pollo Campero, now a Pizza Hut, and a Burger King sign went up the other day. Crazy!!! We might live closer to a big city than we think. Las Puertas is still my favorite restaurant!

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