Monday, December 8, 2008

Whew...That Was a Busy Weekend!

This was our first weekend Bible Study in Santa Rita! We really didn’t know what to expect. Some of the people know who we are, but when you are around a bunch of other Gringos, you all just blend together! We are extremely happy with the turnout! When we got there, the lady at the town store announced on the big megaphone for all of the kids to come to the town meeting hall.
40 kids turned out with one dad who wanted to know what it was all about. Shelley taught on Creation. They were a little shy at first, but eventually they realized how much fun it is to participate!
Some parts of teaching are easier than New Horizon. At least we have already taught this before and have the curriculum and songs already made up. We also rented one of the trucks from New Horizon to be able to take our chairs, tables and people from there to help us out! That was a big benefit!
In New Horizon it took three months after holding the kids’ studies before any adults started coming. Here in Santa Rita we had 19 our first night come inside, 5-6 standing outside listening and 5 come after everything was over! Most were older men that came. One man had a lot of questions about our intentions and why we were there. It was great to be able to answer these questions for ourselves for once and put their minds at ease. I didn’t take very good pictures of the adults because the flash disturbs at night. Here they are flipping coins and Jimmy is talking about the probability of one person fulfilling all of the prophecies in Scripture.
One of the men from the town council came with his wife, baby, and mom.
Carlos, Rafa, Monse, Wendy and Alejandro went with us this week. Wendy and Alejandro are young, but their grandpa is the president of the town council in Santa Rita and you may remember that Wendy accepted Christ about a month ago. We left New Horizon at 2:30 and got back about 8:30. It was really nice having the guys there to help load up the truck while we talked to people.

In New Horizon we had a normal school vacation Sunday. Summer break here is during harvest time, so that the kids can help. Families are gone for weeks at the time harvesting corn. Shelley taught on Psalm 23 and Jimmy is in the middle of a series about the family.
Thank you for continuing to pray for these new works. Some of the adults from New Horizon will be going with us next Saturday to help us announce. Please also pray for their hearts; that they would be open to hear God’s message.

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