Thursday, December 4, 2008

Everything Times Two

For Family night about 250 came! We showed a quick kids movie while the people were showing up and then the team sang 2 songs they had learned in Spanish and did a wordless skit. Jimmy got to go through the entire plan of Salvation and then invite everyone to our Bible study. He also got to explain why we were there in a way that might prevent future problems (something we learned in New Horizon).
Passing out Coke and popcorn
Wordless Skit
Our team with Abel, our bus driver, and the card they made him

Please pray for tomorrow. Our first Bible study in Santa Rita will start at 4:00 followed by the adult Bible study at 6:00. We are hoping to take several people from New Horizon with us to help announce. Please pray that God will bless. We are very excited, but also completely exhausted right now. It is all up to God anyway, not us! We have learned so much from working in New Horizon. We are thankful for all that experience, but are aware now of all the things that can go wrong. Satan does not want us there just like he doesn’t want us in New Horizon. Please pray that God will bless and protect this new ministry in Santa Rita.

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