Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Rita Week 2

It is so interesting starting from scratch again. I keep seeing all these new faces and wondering what stories will unfold. I am trying so hard to remember their names. They need to just wear the same clothes every Saturday for a month!

The large truck we rented last week from New Horizon was broken down, so we had to just take Jimmy’s truck. Because of that only Carlos fit this week. Jimmy recorded an announcement like we have in NH and drove around in his pickup with it loud to tell everyone we were starting. We thought that might be easier to hear than the loud speaker at the store, but tonight we found out it isn’t as official. We are still not sure which is best, but are not sure if we are going to be allowed to use the loud speaker each week anyway.
Jimmy had 11 come inside. It is mostly men. They sang so good! After it was over one 66 year old man named Aaron asked if we could sing again so he would not forget the song!
The 2 ladies that came sat in the back. They were very shy.
We might have started a little early. The kids’ time needs to meet before dark, but then at dark everyone starts preparing dinner. We might need to wait an hour in between the two or go earlier in the afternoon.

Some stayed the entire time but were too afraid to come inside and only listened through the wall (it is a chain link fence). We had several of those in New Horizon too in the beginning. One I remember used to sit on his bike smoking right outside the window each week... it was Carlos (yellow shirt)! Now he is a Christian and is our biggest helper!
As we were reviewing last weeks’ lesson I asked them why God made us and one kid said, “To have a relationship with us!” That made my day!
CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: It is COLD here so we took a 5 gallon thermos of coffee for the adult Bible study. Before we left poor Carlos was loading up the thermos and dumped hot coffee down his back. For the trip home we tied everything down and Carlos was standing in the back of the truck holding onto the the two stacks of chairs since there wasn’t any comfortable place to sit. The thermos was sitting lower than everything else, but some how the lid flew off and Carlos got another shower of coffee right in the face for who knows how many miles! We didn’t realize this ‘til we were already back in New Horizon. Of course we went back in the dark looking for the lid along the highway. Somehow Carlos spotted it with his little keychain flashlight. We were very thankful because we use that thermos all the time.

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