Friday, July 23, 2010

Answering the Call

The interns took over our Bible studies this weekend in Santa Rita.
Jay taught the adult Bible study in Santa Rita Sunday evening. He spoke from the book of Esther.
He is fluent in Spanish. He picked Spanish up just from the Spanish friends he has made in the States and his desire to share Christ with them. He is a people person and is great interacting with people here.
Sunday night he spoke with a lot of excitement. He really got into the story and its application to their lives. He did a great job!
Becca taught the kids' Bible study time Monday afternoon.
(Game Time)
She is majoring in deaf education. She is coming to Petén to start a school for the deaf after she graduates. This will change thousands of people's lives and will open so many doors into different villages.
Rachael and Jay helping with craft time!
Becca taught on the fruits of the Spirit. She put a lot of work into her lesson and did a great job too!
Becca and Jay are passionate about missions and their call... we love that! They have seen the need and oportunities here in Petén and have caught the vision! They both still have a while before they are on the field. They are going where the Gospel hasn't been before and the devil doesn't want that. Please pray a hedge of protection around both of them and that God will put people in their lives to encourage them and that they will always sense His blessing on them answering His call.

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: Jimmy has been playing basketball once a week with some influential people in our town. He has had some great opportunities to witness as a result of these relationships. Well... the other night Jonah was playing with Jimmy's cell phone while Jimmy was very expressively singing the "frog song" to him (in Spanish). When Jimmy took his phone back he realized that Jonah had dialed someone. It was one of these basketball guys, Harry. He said, "Jimmy... why are you singing to me?!" Jimmy was a little embarrassed, but Harry thought it was funny!

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