Saturday, July 3, 2010

Harvest Time!

Well it must be about that time. It takes a while sometimes once someone is introduced to the Gospel for the first time to really digest it and come to a sincere decision on their own. We have had 3 people accept Christ this week in Santa Rita!
The first two were Blanca and Mercedes. I just love these girls. They have been coming every week to my Bible study since the very beginning. They can explain the Good News to anyone now, but this week it made it from their heads to their heart! They call themselves Jonah and Silas' nannies because if we are in that village, they are holding them.

My mom was waiting in the micro with the boys while we were talking to them. When we got in and said what had happened Silas threw his arms into the air and let out a shout! He was happy too!
Sunday night during Jimmy's adult/teen Bible study Claudia raised her hand saying that she was ready to accept Christ. She was one of the first people I met when we first started working in Santa Rita. She doesn't have a mom and has been raised by her grandfather and greatgrandmother. Her brother was murdered in another town a couple months ago. Anyway I really felt a connection with her from the beginning and have been praying for her specifically. Last night she prayed and ask the Lord to forgive her sins and give her His free gift of salvation! We love hearing people pray and the different ways they word things. It is interesting to see how God has been working in their hearts.
While we were talking to Claudia, Jimmy asked her grandfather, José (far left in this Easter drama photo), who also comes to our Bible studies if he wanted to accept Christ. He said that he did, but that he wasn't ready yet. He shared with us that he had been learning a little about God in 1960 and then he came to Petén and that stopped. (We assumed that this was because of the war.) He then said that he was glad that we were here so that he can start learning about God again... 50 years later. Please pray for José.

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  1. That's awesome! And I recognized glad you posted a pic. I'm going to be praying for her grandfather...God is SO good. Now the boy's "nannies" will be in Heaven too! :-)


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