Thursday, July 29, 2010

KBI July Module (it's really more exciting than that lame title)

We mentioned in our update that there had been a KBI module planned for several months for July. The team scheduled to teach this module backed out at the last minute. We do not like to make a commitment and then not keep our word to these Kekchi pastors... especially since this is still sort of the beginning of what we want to be a long term relationship! Jimmy was left with 3 weeks to prepare for these classes. Jimmy chose Cults and the book of Judges. Cults is especially helpful to these men since they have been losing younger members of their churches to them lately and have had tons of questions on this topic during the question and answer time.
Jimmy gave Jay the option of helping with these classes. He taught some of the judges and a couple of the cults. They spent hours studying and typing up notes to give the men. This notebook represents a lot of work!!!
They went to a butcher shop to get a jawbone for the story of Samson!
Becca and Rachael made a wig from an old baseball hat and yarn. Jimmy actually wore it the entire time he was teaching about Samson!
Can you guess which judge Jay is teaching about here, with the tent stake in his hand?!
Jimmy and Jay also made an ox goad out of a piece of bamboo for the story of Shamgar!
I don't think Jay was that excited about teaching these modules at first. It was a big responsibility that Jimmy threw on him right when he got here that required tons of reading and preparation. He did a great job though. After the first day of meeting the pastors I think he was able to see how valuable this would be to their churches. I hope he enjoyed it. We appreciated the work he put into it.
The Daytona team will like this! Juan, the man that had accepted Christ in the village of Santuario and shared his testimony with the town, came to these courses. He wants to be a pastor!
The team that had canceled went ahead and sent part of the transportation funds for the pastors. As of the day before the classes began we were still $200+ short. Well... we received an email that day that someone put a donation of the exact amount we were short into our paypal account on our website. No one knew the amount we needed but us! That was the only way we could have received that money too in order for the funds to be available in time. It is so reassuring when you can see God's hand on something like that!
All in all I think Jimmy was glad that he was the one that ended up getting to teach on cults. KBI is his passion. These national pastors and the fruit from their churches are the keys to reaching the rest of Petén.

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: Jay was teaching on what Mormons believe and midway through Jimmy realized that every time he said "humans" it was being translated "hams" (Spanish "humanos" to a Spanish word used by the Kekchi, "jamones"). In the context of what he was talking about, it was pretty funny.


  1. If you ever need material for something like that in a pinch, feel free to give CrossRoads a call. Pastor Larry taught a Bible Institute class on Sharing & Defending Your Faith, and he has a ton of notes on dealing with various cult mentalities. :)

  2. Thanks Brian,
    I pulled together all of my materials from some leading experts' books. I think it would be hard to teach somebody else's notes and have confidence in what you are teaching. It takes longer, but I prefer to go straight to the source. I think Larry and I took the same Cults class in college though.


  3. Hi guys! What an awesome, adventuresome month for Jay, Rachael and Becca to be there! So much has happened in Peten and God has blessed richly through them. I can't wait to see Pics of the children who are deaf from the Special Olympics!


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