Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Interns

We have 3 college students here for the month of July: Jay, Becca, and Rachael. Jay is a missions major who has a heart for Latin America. Becca is studying deaf education and has a heart for Petén. And Rachael is from the same church as our last team and interested in missions.

Well of course we think everyone should end up in Petén, but nobody ever asks us... ha! We will see where God directs their paths. Hopefully this month will give them a taste of day to day missions that will help them wherever they end up... plus while they ARE in Petén we are going to work the snot out of them!
What are we doing during the month of July? Besides scratching our mosquito bites and sweating, we have several outreaches/activities planned:

KBI module (that is what J&J are working on in the photo above)
Exhumation of a family member in SR (more on that later)
Ladies outreach
Day trip to Belize for new tires, visas, and deaf school research
Teen girl outreach (that is what B&R are working on in the photo below)
Kids outreach
Reward trip to Tikal for adult Bible study
Teaching Bible studies
Kekchi village salvation service (more on that later)

Please pray for this month, for the gringos and all the people that we come in contact with and have the opportunity to minister to, and that God will bless. This is an adventure for all of us!

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