Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun Finds

We have been able to go on a couple dates since we have been back. All of them have included chinese food... because I really miss it and Jimmy is very sweet. He likes chinese food too, just maybe more spread out.
One day we stopped by an antique store. We had only done that once before, but realized we really enjoyed it, so we decided to try it again. We can't take back large items, but it is fun to look for small items that can fit in a suitcase. We appreciate things that don't look like they came from a specific store and are made to last forever.
{Photo found here}
I saw an old Fisher Price barn like the one I grew up playing with. Guess how much...
$80... unbelievable! It was fun seeing things from our childhood or things that I remember from my Grandmothers' houses.

We did find some goodies to take back with us. Here were our finds:
I have a thing for oval frames. This one is solid wood, not a scratch on it, just beautiful. Maybe a print of the boys will end up in there.
I had wanted some vintage looking metal baskets for the open pantry in our forever house, but had decided that was impossible since they are pretty expensive. You know... Pottery Barn dreams on a less than Ikea budget. We found these 5 old gym baskets in the back of the store unmarked. Jimmy went to ask the old man that was sitting by the register. He haggled with him a bit with his refined Chapin skills. The man said, well since I can't get the owner on the phone I'll take your offer. I thought it was a ridiculous offer (in a good way). I said, "Jimmy lets pay for them and run!" That poor old man probably got in trouble.
This was another little find. I might put this little feminine piece in our bathroom where everything else is concrete.
This is a neat thermometer for Jimmy's desk. It is really heavy. This is the last time it will read in the 50's!
Jimmy got me this fan for my desk. So cool. It will probably last forever unlike the pitiful EXPENSIVE plastic fans you find in Petén.

We had wanted some old doorknobs to make into a towel rack. We found some but they were a little high. When we got back to the house I told Melissa about how crazy expensive they were. She said, "Oh I have some if you want them." What?!
They are beautiful too! It will be fun incorporating them into our new home. I was thrilled.

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  1. "It will probably last forever unlike the pitiful EXPENSIVE plastic fans you find in Petén."

    YES! Exactly!


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