Friday, May 27, 2011

More Animals

On one of our last days in Kansas we went to the Tanganyika Wildlife Park. It is a fun experience because you get to pet and even walk around in the pins of most of the animals.
Jimmy's brother Jon went with us and so did his Grandparents!
Jonah and Silas got to feed lettuce to rabbits and turtles.
They enjoyed feeding the goats. I was really surprised at how comfortable they are with the animals. They are very gentle with them (Jonah and Silas are gentle). I think we have Lucha and Atzi to thank for that!
The animals aren't always gentle when their is food involved. I think Jonah got nibbled on!
We had fish food...
but I think most of it was eaten by the ducks.
We walked around with the lemurs...
and the kangaroos. I think this is what Silas would look like if he was a kangaroo!
We stopped and played a while!
Our last stop was the birds. Jimmy hates birds... he doesn't trust them. This was a result of a dare:
Silas did NOT like those birds landing on his daddy. He was very worried about him. (I think he could sense the fear!)
We had a wonderful time and I would highly recommend this place if you are ever in the area.
{My favorite photo of the day}

Please lift up my extended family in your prayers. My cousin past away Wednesday night. He had a very rare form of cancer. He was one year older than me. I really looked up to him growing up. I loved the way he treated my Grandma. He was the most adventurous person I knew. I am so thankful to be a part of a family who would look to God during something so painful as this. Please keep them in your prayers. I love them so much. Thinking about my cousin and who he was makes me want to not waste a minute, I don't think he ever did.

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  1. That's a sweet wagon and the park looks really fun!


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