Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Door to Another

10 years ago this month Jimmy graduated from high school. We ran into a teacher from the Christian school he attended during one of our meetings in KS. He invited Jimmy to come back and speak during in a high school chapel service.

Jimmy said that he thought he had been a pretty good student, but teachers were coming up to him saying that they were so encouraged because if HE can turn out like this than ANYBODY can... what?! They remembered him telling them back then that he was going to be a missionary.

I didn't go with him that day, so there are no pictures, but they asked him to come back and speak for the elementary chapel too.
{This was the only place I could take a photo with the school name in it, it was too cold to walk around and find a sign!}

I went that day. We both got to share about our ministry. It was very important to us, because we were both in elementary school when God called us to be missionaries.
We also got to speak to 3 of the Spanish classes. This was the smallest one because it is Spanish 3 and 4. They understood very well, but in the Spanish 2 classes we pretty much spoke all in English and talked about some of the sayings or words that are unique to Guatemala. We told some of the funny mistakes we have made in Spanish. Things that would never make it on the blog because of my editor! We also got to speak in another Bible class.

One of the teachers during the high school chapel who pastors a church about 30 minutes outside Wichita invited us to present our ministry to his church on Mother's Day. No missionary gets a meeting on Mother's Day! We were very excited about this opportunity. The church seemed very interested in the ministry God has given us in Petén and might come down on a trip soon. We will see what the future holds!
{Pastor Keith Kelley and his beautiful family!)

So all of these opportunities came as a result of a conversation in a church lobby several weeks ago, not bad!

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: During our presentation we talk about the 2 people groups we work with, the ex-guerrillas and the Kekchi. Evidently we didn't clarify during the elementary chapel exactly what a guerrilla was. One teacher came up afterwards and said that she was pretty sure that the younger children think we work with large animals (gorillas)!

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