Friday, August 17, 2012

A New Generation of Christians

The Daytona Team visited two other villages while they were here and I wanted to share about both of those places.
{Eating lunch at Maya International}
The village of Tesuluclan Dos heard the Gospel for the first time on the Kekchi radio station and called in to have a missionary come visit their village. Domingo and Santiago teamed up to start a work in this unreached area. 
{Santiago in in the pink shirt and Domingo in the white}
On May 20 the first family put their faith in Christ. Now there is a total of 12 families of believers in Tesuluclan. They have a very young mission now and need a pastor. (Again, shows the need for the pastors institute.)
The area in the above photo is the land they purchased and cleared for their church building. The team took up an offering to supply them with gas and oil to be able to take their chain saws into the jungle and get wood for the walls and the Kekchi pastors association supplied the sheet metal for the roof.
The team sang, shared a skit, and a puppet show. 
One of the men said that this was the first time they had ever seen "white people" before!
Please pray for the village of Tesuluclan Dos!

This is what the team found on the way to the next village:
We had plans to go to Livingston, but there was a hurricane that caused all the boats to stop running for the day. Instead we made a trip back to San Miguel Alto Uno!
They served us lunch! We left an offering to cover the meat we ate and hopefully to help their church. 
We went down to the church building to pray over it. (Forgot my camera on that hike.) When this team came 2 years ago they went to this village as a White Field, no church. 
{Where they made our lunch}
 I love the gourds they served their tortillas in. (You can see one in the photo below.) I have tried to make them before. I hollowed some out and boiled them like they told me. Mine did not turn out like theirs!
 Here is my family eating lunch!
 The lady nursing the baby in the right side of the photo below was the first Christian in this village. She is the grandmother of most of the kids you see in these photos. Can you imagine being the only Christian in your whole town? She was faithful and one day her husband put his faith in Christ as well. They were the founding members of the church where dozens of families of Christians attend. We ate in her home. 
For some reason I was really inspired by her testimony. She started a generation of Christians. It is very similar to Jimmy's Grandmother's testimony. 

Thank you to the Daytona team for coming down and investing in our ministry. You will forever have a part in the institute, and these 3 villages' stories. 

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