Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Gift of Comfortable Seating!

The village of Esfuerzo 2 is very close to our hearts. Jimmy, Domingo and Lico went there for the very first outreach. Then Amy's team went there a year ago and the Clearwater team last month. Jimmy has been back a bunch of times in between, including once with Pastor Andy for a medical clinic. (I say all that because we have a lot of friends invested in this mission and I want them to see the fruit!) In the past we have helped them with the sheet metal for their building and this time we wanted to bring gifts... the gift of comfortable seating!  
The team kindly carried chairs on their backs during the hour long hike to the village. Well I think the one hour trip turned into two! It was extra muddy that day. 
Not sure if you can tell from this photo, but they were covered in mud almost to their knees. Several lost their shoes in bog pits. Some went after them and some didn't. If they were miserable they kept it to themselves and kept trucking along. We appreciate them carrying the chairs and making it to the village!
The team had a wordless skit, puppet show, and songs prepared. I never got to tell him, but Will can make a puppet speak Kekchi like nobody's business! He's the only person I've seen that can make a puppet's mouth move that fast! 
The Christians in the village that were in attendance sang a song for our team! 
The ones seated haven't placed their faith in Christ yet... but they heard the Good News again that day!
Please keep praying for the people of Esfuerzo 2!!!

Before they got all nice and muddy the team stopped off in Se' Tul to sing on the Kekchi Baptist radio station!
{Radio Station Berea}


  1. What an awesome ministry you all have! Thank You both for allowing us to come and be a part of it! You guys are amazing and doing a wonderful work there! Thanks again and hope to make it back very soon. Kim

    1. Awe! I hope you do come back! It was great meeting you. Thanks for investing in our ministry here=)


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