Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good News

We met Ermando in SR (our 2nd work) almost four years ago. We knew he was searching. He faithfully attended our Bible study each week. Sometimes his mom and dad came, but Mando and his sister Vilma were always there! 
{Mando receiving his Bible in '09, he was 17}
We were so thankful when we got to start working with him again in San Pancho. He's encouraging to be around because he's just real. He has always been honest about where he was at and what he thought about the Bible and God. 
{Vilma receiving her Bible for faithful attendance 2 years ago}
There are several guys who have been attending our Bible studies for years and now attend the mission in San Pancho who say they are not Christians. Each week Jimmy asks them if they are ready to get saved and they say, "Not yet." Well this past Sunday morning Rosalino said, "I'm not but Mando is." What?! Jimmy was thrilled to hear that because not only was it simply good news, but it meant they talk about it together outside of church. 

Sunday night after the service Mando himself told Jimmy that he was ready to accept Christ. What had recently been holding him back was what many of our people struggle with, they are afraid of disappointing God. It is very real to them and the thought of letting God down should bother all of us. While we are slaves to sin though we have no help from the Lord. Not until we become a son can we receive any of the power, the power to overcome sin and allow God to start making us more like Christ. God wants us to become more like Him to display His glory. Mando realized that Sunday night. He no longer wanted to be on the outside of the family, so he became a son!
{Taken last Sunday evening after church}
I think he looks kind of happy!


  1. What a Happy Smile. What a blessing that his excitement of becoming a son shows on his face!


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