Monday, August 13, 2012

Family Traditions #13: The 4th of July 2012

"Family traditions give identity and belonging to each member." - James Dobson

1. Decorations: 
Our wreath, American flag and stars were up all month long. Eden noticed them right away. I think she liked watching the stars move in the breeze from the kitchen fan. 

2. Fun in the Sun: This year the boys are still nervous about sprinklers for some reason. Thankfully Grandma Kiki sent a Bob water toy. As long as we have the water on low, the boys love it! 
They have asked me to get him out several times since then and if it's our water day then I do. 

3. Traditional American Fireworks: This is more difficult than it sounds. In a country where everything is legal, the dinky stuff is hard to find. Unfortunately the sparklers we got were almost all duds. That's why I only have one photo. 
I think the boys were almost as nervous as the dogs!

This is what E did during the fireworks:
Jimmy got some big ones for a finale. 
Can you tell what Silas is about to say in this photo?

That is all the family traditions we got to this year. The missions team we had visiting at that time changed their dates which put Jimmy spending the day with them instead of us. They were a great team and we really appreciated them, so no complaints here. Jimmy actually left them before supper so that he could get home in time to do the fireworks with the boys. I love that about him!

So during the day instead of our traditional 4th food, the boys and I made cookies!
Silas and Jonah did every single step!
They were very proud of themselves! They kept talking about how they were making them for Daddy!
They did great! 
The only challenge was keeping Silas from eating them all before we got them in the oven!
Their yummy works of art:

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