Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ladies Day

There are about 74 homes in Santa Rita and we had over 90 ladies come (13 and up), so we were very excited and thankful for this turnout. It was wonderful getting to know the ladies. Our team did a great job of pampering the ladies today.

1. Washing, exfoliating, & filing.

2. Massage, moisturize, & paint

Decorating new shoes for their new feet!

All the ladies were so friendly. This lady is Berta. She is in charge of the women’s committee in Santa Rita. She came to tell all of us thank you!

In the evening the team got to eat dinner at the new Pollo Campero in Santa Elena. It’s a famous fried chicken restaurant in Guatemala.

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: About 2 minutes away from Santa Rita a fuse blew on our bus and we broke down. The electric company was working on some power lines nearby and was nice enough to tow our bus with a rope the rest of the way. Abel our driver had it fixed soon after we arrived.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Kids' Day

The team spent Thanksgiving Day in Santa Rita hosting Kids Day. We are so thankful for the turnout we have been having. We had over 80 kids come on Thursday. Santa Rita is a little smaller than New Horizon, so that is almost all of the kids here. Many of the parents stayed and heard the entire plan of Salvation. Ladies Day was a success too. We had at least 90 ladies 13 and up come. Our team is doing a great job sharing God’s love with this community. We got to invite many people to our Bible study next week. Please pray that God keeps the door open!!! We are all exhausted. I will post ladies day photos soon.

Game Time:
Face Painting:
Puppet/Song Time:
The parents seemed to like this station the best!
Craft Time:
Group Time:
Samantha giving her testimony
Becca teaching the lesson
The need is so great in Santa Rita because there is no Gospel there. After Becca explained sin she asked the kids how to get to Heaven they said, “Don’t sin”. All the parents were sitting in the back nodding their heads to the things Becca was saying. Please pray that they will let their kids come to the Bible study and learn all about Salvation and the Lord.
Afterwards each team got their own piñata!
For Thanksgiving dinner we went to Cristina’s house in Remate. She is the owner of Las Puertas.
She cooked a wonderful meal with turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, cherry sauce, and a special pumpkin desert. This was the first time Cristina has ever cooked a turkey! She EVEN took pictures. It was delicious!
Thursday was a tough day. Thanksgiving will from now on be extra special to us because it was the day our sweet baby was due. We know God’s plans are perfect and He wants the very best for us. That we can trust Him with that is what we are thankful for.
Thank you to everyone who let us borrow a member of your family over Thanksgiving. They have been a huge blessing to us and the people here! God is going to do great things with all the seeds that they have been planting. This is just the beginning of a beautiful story!
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