Saturday, October 5, 2019


I remember when the first family left the institute to go begin pastoring a new work. We were all on our front porch saying goodbye and praying over them. I remember not knowing what to say to the wife. Her husband began his journey at the institute as a single student and she came later. I never really connected with her, she was so shy and probably still felt like the new girl when she left.

That day I purposed in my heart to do better. I wanted to build a strong sense of community with the ladies at the farm even though sometimes there seems like overwhelming obstacles to a true connection. When they graduate these families go to areas where there are no other Christians, I want them to have a strong support system of people who know what they are going through. I want them to always be part of our community.

Then God sent Mari. She is one of those friends who you never struggle with what to talk about. Building that friendship was easy. I probably have never been around her when we didn’t laugh at least a couple times. She leaves in a few weeks to move to their new village, her journey here is coming to an end. I’m so happy for her family. They are going to be wonderful partners in ministry. Still, thinking about them leaving makes me sad.

I appreciate Mari. I feel like God used her friendliness to show this introvert it’s possible! I have nothing more in common with Mari than any other lady at the institute, but God offers us this beautiful gift of family and friendship that overcomes any shortcomings on my part inside His community. Connection is something I will work at forever, here where God has placed me, but I know it’s possible.

Last night we celebrated Mari’s little boy’s 3rd birthday. Tito is going to cry as much as me when they leave.
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