Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Piglet Story

The other day someone from the neighboring village showed up at the farm, at the dean of students' house (Pastor Ely), claiming that he had run over their piglet with the farm truck while he was out on an errand. This dead piglet had no signs of being run over, but Ely was gracious and paid the man Q250, just to keep the peace. I honestly believe this person was taking advantage of his kindness to make up for his sick pig that he lost. This made me angry to hear, that's a lot of money to us, so I'm sure it is to him. Why didn't he stand up for himself? 

This has been a dark couple weeks and with each phone call or knock at the door I expect more bad news. Last night at youth group Pastor Ely had a sack with something in it he was showing to Jimmy. I was afraid to even get close because I didn't want to hear some other sad, dark story. Well later I found out that someone had given him a baby pig. That's what was in the bag. It was a first fruits offering that God had put on their hear to give to Pastor Ely. God takes care of His servants. Oh, and Pastor Ely gave the piglet to the farm. Against the backdrop of so much ugly sin, mine included, we get to see God do beautiful things.
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