Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What Happens When You Play Football In the Living Room!

I was just thinking the other day, "We're lucky with how rough our kids play that we haven't had any broken bones!" Well the other night while I was fixing supper, Jimmy, Jonah, and Silas were playing football in the living room. There aren't too many breakable things left in our house, which is good with these jokers. Jimmy threw the football to Silas, and Jonah intercepted it, falling down on the concrete floor with Silas still fighting him for it. Jonah held onto the ball, but as he was about to get up he saw his finger bent sideways and started yelling with great concern!
 Jonah does not cry over pain. Injustices between siblings, yes; pain, no. His reaction made me worried. I'm so glad Jimmy was home because I do not like looking at stuff like this... it's right up there with looking in a bloody mouth to find the damage. Yuck! Jimmy told Jonah to go get in the car because they were going to the doctor. Then he starts saying very worriedly, "They are going to cut it off and I won't be able to play football!" I ran over to him to comfort him and tell him that his finger would be fine and that he would probably get to wear a cool cast and have no problem playing football. Sweet Jonah held his hand behind his back so that I didn't have to see it while I gave him his pep talk, haha! Poor kid.
 On the drive to the public hospital, which is about 20 minutes, Jonah tells Jimmy, "I'm not letting anybody mess with my finger, I'm just going to wait and let GOD fix it!" (While this is a great model for most things in life, broken fingers are an exception...)
 He got an x-ray at the hospital and they said that they were going to put a pin in it. There is NO WAY Jimmy would ever let that happen since bacteria could be introduced and then we would have an even bigger set of problems. (There is actually a really sad story of that happening recently). If there is anything I have learned (I'm sure we all have in life) is that a bad situation can get much worse so just be thankful and look out! So they left and texted our pediatrician (likely the awesomest kid doctor in the world) who gave him the number to a trauma surgeon. 

I know this part was painful for Jimmy because he knew this was going to cost more money than he was hoping. I have already maxed out the medical budget this month with my ongoing teeth saga. And why do things like this always happen at night?!

 The trauma surgeon opened his office just for Jonah. He even offered to put him out for the popping it back into place part. Jonah said he rather be awake. He did get a shot in the pinkie to help with the pain. Jimmy held him and Jonah turned his head away while the doctor popped it back into its socket. 
This doctor was excellent! That's all God's provision! It cost $80 to have a surgeon come open up his office after dark and fix your kid's finger. I thought that was pretty good!

The doctor had 3 design options for casts and look what one of them was! 
Jonah has to wear it for 2 weeks, get an x-ray and then maybe one more week. 3 weeks is to the day exactly before we leave for a month long furlough. He was worried about having it in the snow. We are very much enjoying teasing him about the part where they SAW off the cast!

The novelty of the cast wore off about an hour after he got home! He is a lefty and a little impatient like his mommy so he struggled a bit at first having to wait on someone to help him with things. It's a good life lesson. Sometimes life is hard and you should be thankful when those seasons aren't permanent. 

I haven't been making him write in homeschool since he is left handed, but he insists sometimes. His personality can't leave things undone, even if we orally worked through a worksheet. He writes strangely well with his right hand.
Every Saturday evening the boys play soccer, football, kickball, or something with the students at the institute. Jonah was so sad that he was going to miss that. He lives and breaths sports! Well this first Saturday with his cast was his best friend's birthday party. I thought that was so neat. I talk all the time how gentle God is with us. That was God loving on Jonah! He didn't miss out on anything! 

 Each time my family, specifically my babies have a need, God has someone lined up ready to help them. I am SO thankful. God takes such good care of us!
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