Monday, November 6, 2017

The Most Difficult Part

This time of year is the hardest for me in the area of faith. I feel like we have so much control over other things... things once students arrive and even a little bit once they graduate. Jimmy and I both like having control, it makes us feel safe. Let's say it's an area where we are growing! But the temporary confidence we have from feeling in-control is not as durable as the peace that comes because of faith. What is obvious that we have zero control over is bringing student to the institute. That is all 100% a work the Holy Spirit does in the hearts of the ones He has chosen to use to reach the rest of Petén. 
First day of the last semester of the year
 The existing students have done an excellent job sharing about the institute. A current Kekchi student's personal experience goes much further than a foreigner's word. They have done lots of live announcements in Petén and Alta Verapaz and then recorded radio announcements for stations that reach different places around both departments. 
Celebrating the cook's (who's also our friend;) birthday
 Our goal, which we feel we can handle well as teachers is 15 new students each year. Several men have called in and Jimmy has been able to talk to 13 men personally that have reserved their spot. 3 of them have families with kids. The semester starts in January and we have seen in the past as soon as someone says they are moving their entire family to go study at the farm they start being attacked. Anything the devil will do to discourage, bring doubt, or distract, he will do.
Celebrating October birthdays
 I wanted to share some of the conversations Jimmy has had with these future students:

One asked several times exactly what he would be learning at the institute. Jimmy said that after he finished he would know how to study the Bible for himself to be able to find the answers to any of his questions. He replied, "Good, because I don't understand the Bible and I want to be able to read a Bible verse and know what it means for myself."

Another said today after calling again to confirm, "I want you to know this isn't a decision my wife and I made today based on a radio announcement, it was born in our hearts 8 months ago to be a pastor."

God laughs at our radio announcements! We have no control. This isn't our institute. We didn't come up with it, it was God. We didn't provide for it or protect it... all God. It's His possession. Please pray for these 13 men, the 3 wives, 4 children (under age 4) and any others He is calling. We'll be here waiting!
Rodrigo sharing his testimony
Rodrigo, a first year student spoke for the first time in youth group 2 weeks ago. He shared his personal testimony. He said, "I was so glad when I came here and learned that Salvation is for everyone and that it's for forever."
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