Thursday, July 16, 2009

We know...!

We had one last visit with my wonderful OB in Guatemala City before we leave next month for furlough. I wish I could take him with us, he has been the ideal doctor. He responds to all of our concerns as if they are as important to him as they are to us. He takes so much time and care with the development of our babies. It puts all my fears at ease. He is a God sent.

Today we were hoping to find out what's in there! When we walked in Jimmy jokingly told Dr. Najarro that he would give him a big tip if he told him our twins were boys. He laughed. About 5 minutes later he confirmed and we saw that they ARE boys! Jimmy said, “You can buy anything in this country!” Dr. Narajjo smiled and said, "That’s true!"

The Evidence:

We tried not to have a preference, but we really wanted to start off with boys. I will never forget the look on Jimmy's face when he heard the news.

We immediately called all the grandparents. Then the rest of the day we just excitedly told random people because we couldn't contain ourselves. The first awkward victim was our taxi driver. After getting into the cab and before telling him our destination, Jimmy blurts out, "WE'RE HAVING TWIN BOYS!"

I am 19 weeks tomorrow!
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