Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Driving in Guatemala!

Jimmy took this picture. It is where part of the road was washed out during Hurricane Stan last October. Well, I drove for the first time in Guatemala yesterday. When I pulled out of the drive I asked Jimmy what the speed limit was, he just looked at me and then we both started laughing. It was different. You have to be defensive and aggressive at the same time. People pass 3 or more vehicles at one time here while going around the side of a mountain on a two lane road. I definitely learned that there are as many lanes as you want there to be! There are not many stoplights or stop signs, so everyone has the right-of-way. The police do not pull you over here, they just flag you down to search your vehicle sometimes. My first trip was from Solola to Quetzal, so it was about an hour & a half drive. As soon as we got out of Solola, Jimmy said, “Oh, I meant to get gas!” Then my gas light came on and there are not any gas stations until right outside of Quetzal. Gas stations and bathrooms are precious in our new little world. We made it though. When we finally found a gas station we just sat there waiting for the guy to come pump our gas. The truck behind us in line started honking and then we realized that it was the one pump that was self-serve. (Dumb Gringos!)

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